Urgent House Clearance Liverpool
Urgent House Clearance Liverpool
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Squat and Drug Den Cleanup

Illegal occupation (squatting)


After eviction, we can clear and clean the property, secure windows and doors, and organise short term on site 24 hour security provided by an SIA registered company to prevent a recurrence.


When squatters are evicted from a building, it is often left in an uninhabitable state. Hazardous waste such as bodily fluid, needles and syringes are sometimes left behind for a landlord to dispose of. This can be very difficult to clean up and extremely dangerous as there is the potential for the spread of diseases including HIV and Hepatitis.


During the cleanup it is important that the process is performed safely using the correct biohazards and sharps removal equipment; therefore it is vital an experienced specialist is used every time. We are fully equipped to deal with all drug paraphernalia and bodily waste that is left behind by unwanted tenants.


We operate an around the clock fast response service.


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