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Soft Strip

Soft strip is a term used by demolition people to describe the internal preparation works that precede the demolition or refurbishment phase of a contract. During these works active waste is removed which includes effects such as furniture, carpets and false ceiling tiles together with static waste timber products which includes timber shelving, strapping, skirting, flooring and partition timber frames.


In more recent time the soft strip works have become more popular as more and more companies choose to develop existing structures utilising the existing outer building over a full rebuild. These works are generally very standard and generic with the main risk arising from the uncovering of asbestos product.


The soft strip of any structure involves the removal of all internal loose fixtures and fittings as well as fixed items. In some cases the previous occupiers have been known to walk out leaving all furniture down to the bedding on the bed. However, generally it’s unwanted and discarded items from the previous building occupants.


During this phase of the works we also need to remove fixed items such as doors and door frames along with other fixed items such as cupboards to leave nothing but the concrete frame.


To minimise our environmental impact we recycle approximately 96% of the entire building and its contents, minimising what goes to landfill.


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