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As specialists in deodorisation, BiologiKill / Merseyside House Clearance technicians are trained to identify and eradicate unpleasant odours. These odours can arrive from a number of situations and sources.


Odours from an unattended death scene of a historic blood spill, human and animal faeces as well as hoarder filth situations can be difficult to remove. In some cases, dwellings can become unsanitary due to waste throughout, including rodent and pest activity. Our odour treatment processes involve not only the removal and legal disposal of the physical source, but we use foggers, ozone generators and other odour neutralizer applications to ensure the environment is brought back to a healthy state.


Odour removal can be challenging and multi-faceted. BiologiKill / Merseyside House Clearance Cleaning and Restoration has the proper equipment and experience to serve you in all matters of odour eradication.

Strong smelling odours are mainly caused by a combination of chemicals released from proteins, bacteria and organic matter and if left untreated they will multiply and increase further. This leads to the odour intensifying making it increasingly difficult to contain and eliminate.


Environments such as factories, houses, retail outlets, commercial premises, healthcare establishments and food preparation areas can all suffer from problems with malodours.


Offensive smells are not only off-putting for your employees; they are also unpleasant for your customers. Failure to eliminate distasteful odours can have a harmful consequence on efficiency, profitability and the reputation an organisation.

BiologiKill / Merseyside House Clearance Specialist odour removal service provides a swift and cost effective resolution for areas suffering from foul smelling odours.


BiologiKill / Merseyside House Clearance successfully identify the source of offensive odours and quickly and efficiently neutralise and eradicate the overpowering smell leaving a clean and fresh smelling environment.

An experienced team of BiologiKill / Merseyside House Clearance Specialist experts utilise advanced odour removal and sterilising equipment and techniques to eliminate the odour causing bacteria rather than simply masking the smell. This ensures the foul odour is entirely expelled.



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