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Needles, Syringes and Sharps Removal

It is essential that hypodermic syringes, needles and other sharp objects and instruments are removed quickly and safely and disposed of in the proper manner. Sharps waste can contain extremely harmful viruses and if not disposed of properly, couldspread serious infections to all individuals that come in contact with it.


In order to safeguard you, your staff and the public we operate an around the clock fast response service.


We work with housing associations; landlords and other local authorities to make certain the removal of hazardous sharp objects are disposed of swiftly, safely and legally. We also are available to support private landowners or proprietors with sharps containers to discard such waste on their property.


We are experienced in probing large areas of refuse and waste and conducting needle sweeps. We can assure you that all sharps will be removed and the affected area is sanitised and disinfected. It is vital to remember that disposing of needles and hypodermics in a public waste bin or in the standard household wheelie bins is extremely dangerous.


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