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From a five star hotel to a mobile street food business, from a gymnasium to a children's nursery, hygiene is imperative and your reputation and livelihood could be at stake, here at Biologikill we have the knowledge and the capability to deal with all aspects of the cleanliness of your business.

Biologikill Hygiene Surface ATP Test


What is ATP testing?


Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not. Food and beverage processors use ATP systems to rapidly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly so that new product runs are not contaminated by prior product runs, and to ensure biofilms are not developing on the surface that could affect quality.

A clean start.


A clean prep environment is a key component to producing safe, quality food. By utilising a Bioligikill ATP assessment followed by a deep clean will provide your business with the springboard to maintain a clean and safe environment.


Maintaining a clean work environment is critical in preventing food-borne illness. Bacteria can grow on unsanitary surfaces and then contaminate food. Just because a work surface looks clean does not mean that it is sanitary. Always ensure that you clean and sanitize a work area before starting to prepare food.


A Bioligikill ATP assessment followed by a deep clean together with your own cleaning and food hygiene practice will help you achieve a higher food standard rating.

This is a choice

This is a choice

Gyms are hotbeds of germ activity, researchers say. Norovirus, which causes stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, can survive for a month on the surface of exercise machines.


We provide all businesses that are prone to high bacteria levels and cross-contamination with the ATP cleaning aftercare service.


Once an ATP Test has been conducted and recorded, the area is cleaned and sanitised.


we use a 99.99% kill, non-toxic, non-bleaching, non-corrosive, NHS award-winning disinfectant.

The transmission of infectious diseases in the early years is a significant risk. Coughs, colds and respiratory infections are relatively commonplace, especially at certain times of the year, and outbreaks of serious infections, such as E.coli, can cause severe illness.


Many infectious illnesses have the capacity to spread rapidly within a care provision or nursery school. Early years staff must always be vigilant to this threat.


In some ways, childcare provisions are an ideal environment for the spread of infectious diseases because of the difficulties in maintaining hygiene with such a young age group.


Where children spend time together in close proximity and share toys and equipment, the transfer of infection is hard to avoid. High standards of hygiene and infection control are therefore required if transmission is to be prevented.

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