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Decomposition and Unattended Death

Unattended Death/Decomposition

scenes are a hazardous area as in most cases the blood, body fluids, tissue, urine and faeces are in a state of putrefaction. 


Our Biohazard technicians are equipped to not only clean but decontaminate, disinfect and deodorise the area, leaving it safe and back to its original state.


Even a solitary drop of blood or body fluid can contain diseases, bacteria and germs that can remain dangerous for some time. These diseases and bacteria easily absorb into fabric of the building including carpets, concrete, flooring, timber, upholstery and even between walls and into air conditioning units.


Our House Clearance and Crime Scene & Trauma cleaning Technicians recognise that time is important and can be onsite rapidly. We understand it can be difficult when dealing with the death of a loved one.

One of the most challenging incidents we face as a professional cleanup service is an unattended death.


An unattended death is when a person dies and is not found for a long period of time. An unattended death is not uncommon, It can be several days, weeks or even months before a death is discovered. While this traumatic event is unfortunate, it is extremely important that the matter is addressed immediately upon finding the decomposing body.


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